Mango Spice Lotion


Indulge in the natural benefits derived from the delicious Caribbean mango with our silky soft lotion to hydrate normal to dry skin types.

A water and oil emulsion that also contains spices, vitamins (vitamin A rich) and natural butters as well as fresh mango. I use Nevis mangoes mostly as they taste better to me. (That could be a bias on my part. My family is from gingerland :) ...)

It is designed as moisture theraphy for normal to dry skin. It is rejevenating, nurturing and firming working along with aloe vera and vitamin C and spices to boost skin healing, regeneration and elasticity while helping to restore the skins natural moisture barrier.

Mango butter is fast absorbing and along with the fresh mango is rich in vitamin A and C and antioxidants which help to combat free radicals to help soothe, protect and moisturize the skin.

Because it contains some herbs and spices it also encourages the skin to heal quickly and helps to revive dull looking skin.



Water, mango butter, cocoa butter, shea butter, olive oil, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, shea nut oil, black castor oil, rosemary oil, aloe vera liquid, natural wax, stearic acid, mango, tumeric, cinnamon, black pepper, ginger, cinnamon essential oil, clove essential oil, tea tree essential oil, lavender essential oil, myrrh oil, frankincense oil, ylang ylang essential oil, lemongrass essential oil, vitamin A, C & E.

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